Helen Lawrence

Hi. I'm a web producer with experience in front-end development and content management. I enjoy designing and maintaining sites for my clients and trying out new jQuery plugins to add interest to pages with features like parallax effects or touch swiping.

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Visit my github repository where you can download, fork , or read the code for the javaScript and java demos on this page. Java projects use the UWCSE library.

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About Me. a brief bio

I bring six years' experience in web production and content management. I recently worked as part of a production team that launched two high-profile campaigns as a pilot project with the Microsoft One Consumer group. I have experience using content management systems to build new pages from the ground up or to migrate existing sites to a new framework. Pervious employers include Amazon and Expedia where my web publishing and e-commerce tasks included building out product detail pages, creating targeted campaigns, A/B testing, and tracking performance metrics.

I enjoy problem solving, writing code, and making websites that are intuitive and user-friendly. In December 2013, I earned a certificate in web development from Seattle Central Community College.

  • HTML5, CSS3
  • JavaScript & jQuery, Ajax
  • XML
  • WordPress, PHP
  • Familiarity with MySQL.

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Details. more information than you wanted to know about this site


This page was built with Bootstrap 3.3. As part of Bootstrap's built-in functionality, it is responsive. The theme is a grayscale pallete from Adobe Kuler called Lime on Gray. I use the display font, Syncopate for headings. I like its modern look and the way that lowercase letters are scaled to match the uppercase heights. Paragraphs use a clean sans-serif font called Oxygen.


This page combines the jQuery One Page Nav plugin with scrollTo.js for the one-page scrolling navigation. A "to-top" icon fades in as the user scrolls down the page. There is also an easing parameter for smoother scrolling. For the animated dials on this page, I use Anthony Terrein's jQuery Knob plugin together with jQuery Waypoints which allows the animation to run when an element scrolls into view instead of on page load.


Videos on the Projects page show applets running java applications. The movies were recorded on my desktop with Camtasia Studio screen capture software. I added minor edits and open-source music tracks. The java class files for each of these projects can be downloaded from Github. Check out the code and send me feedback.

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